Custom Membership Database

Collect unique data from your members, and store it in your own online membership database.

Collect the Right Data. At the Right Time.

Capture the data you need from your members when they register, renew, or purchase event tickets. Simply choose the fields you want filled out, make them mandatory or optional, and ask them at the most convenient times.

Event ticket purchase with custom fields for association members.

Customize Your Member Directory

Collect custom data from your members, that is searchable in the directory and viewable on a member’s profile. Define the criteria your website visitors use to search your database and allow them to use your custom data fields as search criteria.

Directory profiles as they appear in the member directory.

Gain Insights From Your Data

You’ve captured all of the custom data you wanted to collect - now what? Run comprehensive reports to gain valuable insights from your members or manage them individually through your member dashboard. Your membership database just got a whole lot clearer.

Create custom reports based on different member data metrics.

More Custom Data Features by Silkstart

Online signup form for membership with custom fields

A Better Member Experience

Embedded directly into the registration process, your unique fields are captured when members enter their information.

Custom member data in reports for member-based associations

Powerful Reporting

Use your custom data in SilkStart's reporting tools to gain useful insights.

Members can edit their custom from their profile

Everything in One Place

Choose to make your custom fields editable by your members right from their profile!

Multichapter signup process with custom data or custom fields.


Create a repeatable registration process for your chapters that collects the information you both need.