Whether you're managing groups, committees, or forums , our MemConnect feature allows you to connect with your members and keep them engaged.

Centralized social engagement

Turn scattered member engagement into stronger member connections. Allow your members to join groups where they can network, build communities, and share big ideas. Whether you call it discussion boards, forums, or Groups, this is where social interaction comes together.

Build small communities of social interaction between members

All in Moderation

Running everything by yourself can be challenging, so why do it alone? Designate Group Leaders and have them moderate group content and invite others to join. Group leaders don't have to be staff with your association – they can be regular trusted members!

Control the details of your group including members and content

For members and for you!

Don't forget that Groups is also there to bring together your staff members, committees, and even your board. Control who gets access to each group and customize content posting permissions. Make Groups your one-stop-shop for association collaboration.

Cusomize your group's permissions to fit your needs

More Groups Features by Silkstart

Distribute files to your members


Share files and keep track of important documents posted in each group.

Interact with members at home or on the go


Receive updates from any device and allow members to stay-in-the know wherever they are.

Get more specific by splitting into different subgroups


Allow your members to engage deeper and categorize content into sub-groups.

Keep up with group statitics


Track group involvement and improve member engagement.