Membership Plans

Create membership plans with flexible dues and automate payments to make your life easy.

Flexible Membership Dues

Every non-profit is different. Often, membership dues need to be dynamically calculated based on some criteria. SilkStart can calculate the correct membership fees based on an unlimited number of criteria. Complex membership fee structures are easy to manage in SilkStart and are dynamically calculated during online registration.

Dynamic membership fee calculator online membership signup and renewal.

Your Plans, Your Way

We understand that each organization charges their members based upon a unique set of criteria. That’s why SilkStart provides you with a user-friendly membership interface so you can easily set your billing periods. Anywhere from monthly memberships to a one-time lump sum lifetime plans - SilkStart has you covered.

Fully custom plans you can offer your members.

Automate Membership Management

Take your non-profit or association to new heights by allowing your members to setup recurring billing profiles. No need to follow up and remind them to pay - it’s all done automatically through SilkStart’s membership portal. Set up automatic Membership Plan Expiry Emails. They’ll send at the right time so expiring members don’t slip through the cracks.

Customize renewal notifications sent out automatically to your members who are about to expire.

More Custom Data Features by Silkstart

Online signup form for membership with custom fields

Flexible Membership

Offer your members different customized plans at different prices.

Custom member data in reports for member-based organizations

Powerful Reporting

Use your custom data in SilkStart's reporting tools to gain useful insights.

Members can edit their custom from their profile

Everything in One Place

Choose to make your custom fields editable by your members right from their profile!

Multichapter signup process with custom data or custom fields.


Create a repeatable registration process for your chapters that collects the information you both need.