Job Board

Make your organization a hub for job seekers and volunteers with your own job board.

Matching Skills With Opportunities

No installation or technical setup. Launch your branded job board in seconds! Provide members-only access or open up your job board to the public. SilkStart’s job board is fully integrated with your website so you can manage your members and their job posts from one place.

Job board software for professional organizations, member-based organizations

Boost Revenue

Generate additional traffic to your site and increase non-dues revenue through free or paid job postings. Collect payments for paid postings with any of our supported online payment gateways. No credit card? No problem! Invoice your job posters and collect payment at a later date.

Generate revenue for associations with job board software

More Job Board Features by Silkstart

Mobile friendly job board software for professional associations

Mobile Friendly

Job seekers find exactly what they're looking for, from any device.

Easily Manage Postings

As the administrator of your job board, every posting goes through you before it's made public.

Search and filter jobs based on numerous criteria relevant to your organization.

Smart Search

Create custom criteria relevant to your industry, and let users filter jobs based on those criteria.

Increase member engagement with a job board for industry professionals

Member Engagement

Become the go-to source for industry professionals looking for jobs, and companies looking to hire.