Smart Notifications

Custom, automated email notifications for all your organization's needs.


Email notifications designed to make your job easier, automatically sent to members and your team at the right times. Setting up a series of expiry reminders is easy to configure in SilkStart. You’ll be amazed at the time your team saves with SilkStart’s automated email notifications.

Automatic expiry notifications for association members


Edit our email notification templates with custom text that fits your organization. Insert dynamic merge tags so each notification is tailored to the recipient without the work that is usually associated with sending each member an email.

Customizable membership notifications, expiry, renewal, and more notification types.

More Smart Notification Features by Silkstart

Notifiactions for members of your association can be turned on and off.

On Demand

Admins can decide which notifications they see and which they don’t.

Membership emails data and reporting.


Find when your notifications are sent, and who is receiving them.

Propagate custom email notifications for members in your multi-chapter organization


Easily edit your chapters' notifications.

Automatic notifications for association members


Send multiple notifications, engaging with members at the right time.