Member Directory

Increase your organization's member engagement with your own member directory.

Powered by Your Members

It’s easy for your members to update their own profiles, saving administrative time. Members can upload photos, enter bios, update contact information, and more. Plus, there’s no extra work required to maintain your directory - member updates are instantly added to your database and directory.

Dynamic member directory based on your member data

Build Social Communities

Supply the platform for your members to connect and build relationships with others. Members can follow others who generate interesting content and conveniently share this content with their wider social networks.

Increase member engagement with social interaction through SilkStart member directory

More Member Directory Features by Silkstart

Customizable, searchable member directory software

Search and Filter

Locate the right profile with a powerful set of customized search filters.

Dynamic member profiles based on your association's member data

Profile Page

Members are instantly showcased with their personalized profile landing page when they join your organization.

Member directory software integrated with LinkedIn

Populate with LinkedIn

Streamline profile creation through SilkStart's one-click LinkedIn integration.

Private member directory software with opt-in and opt-out features.


Members control who can see their profiles by choosing to opt-in or opt-out of the directory.