How to Engage your Members Online

by Emily Griffis
on December 9, 2016

Your membership management software can make it easy to offer engaging and accessible content that keeps your members involved online. After a member has joined your association, welcome them into your online community with opportunities to learn, contribute, and collaborate using SilkStart’s built-in applications. Ensuring your members are able to interact with your association’s web presence, and will return regularly, is as easy as including these popular features:

Groups (Forums)

Let your members collaborate in a group by posting discussion topics, pictures, documents, links, and more. Each group can have different member type and privacy restrictions, and can be segmented by topic of interest, role in the association, or other criteria of choice. Did you know that you can also use groups to hold an online election? Get started and create your first group!


Articles allow you to create a news feed that can be shown in a widget across your site. Share anything from association announcements to industry-wide news, and feature important posts at the top of your feed. Adding tags to your posts makes it easy for members to filter by content that is of interest to them.



Create a chronological stream of posts that highlight achievements, topics of interest, or any other exciting news about your association! Maintaining a steady output of content will encourage members to return to your site on a regular basis. Already have a blog? Migrate your posts to SilkStart by copying over and backdating a desired amount of recent posts. Get blogging!

Facebook Photo Galleries

Connect your association’s Facebook page to display photo albums on your SilkStart site. Each time you upload an image to Facebook, your SilkStart gallery is automatically updated. It doesn’t get any easier – Contact us to activate!


Use these easily configurable applications to attract new members and incentivize your current members to strengthen their relationship with your organization. Once you’ve begun creating content, make it easily accessible to members by adding links in your navigation bar, sharing items on social media platforms, or sending a group email. It’s never been so easy to use your membership management software to create value for your members and share it online.

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Emily Griffis

Association Universe