Noisli for Associations

by Martin Nikleva
on November 1, 2017

Improve focus and boost productivity.


That’s what the Noisli app can do for you and your association’s team. I’m sure you’ve heard of, or maybe even tried, many of apps for creating white noise to drown out your chatty colleagues.


Noisli is different.


With Noisli, you can mix sounds together to create the perfect work-day soundtrack based on how you’re feeling and your particular tastes. Want to finish that report by the end of the day or just calmly clear out your inbox? Noisli has sounds for both productivity or relaxation.


With the Noisli sound mixer, you can combine sounds and adjust the volume of each. Sounds of the forest mixed with a campfire or ocean waves with soft raindrops? No problem!


Save your combo and revisit them again and again.


Better yet, if you practice time management approaches like the Pomodoro Technique, use the Noisli Timer to break down your work into different time constrained sessions


Here at SilkStart, we recommend it to every new employee we onboard to see if it works for them. The feedback has been astoundingly positive.


The best part?


Noisli is totally free and can be used in your web-browser or smartphone.


Do you have an app that your association’s team can’t live without? I’d love to hear about it and share with other associations that may benefit from it.

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