Multichapter Association Management Software

SilkStart for multichapter is a unique solution for associations with affiliates, chapters, or any other kind of multi-entity structure.

Chapters, Clubs, Districts and Regions - you name it, SilkStart supports it!

Customizable to meet your organization’s needs.

Bring every member from every chapter together in one system to ensure up-to-date contact information, membership information, and reporting at every level of your organization. SilkStart multi-chapter makes it easier for everyone - from your top level administrators right down to your newest member.

Manage members, events, communicate with members, association websites

Manage members, events, communicate with members, association websites, multiple chapters

Model One: One Website w/ Subdomain Chapter Pages

One website (e.g., with subdomains for each chapter ( The parent network can access everything and each chapter has access to their own webpages and chapter level database, news, events, directory, sponsors, groups, broadcast email (including newsletters), and reporting.

Model Two: Separate Website Domains for each Chapter

The only difference here is that each chapter can have their own website domain (e.g., and

Seamless member experience across your entire organization

One username and password for every member - membership should always be that easy. Members use one set of credentials to access your entire organization online, even if they participate in multiple chapters. Plus, they can attend or buy event tickets from any chapter.

responsive member sign-up websites

Full featured at every level

Give every level of your organization the tools they need. SilkStart allows your chapters to create their own modern, mobile friendly web presence, maintain a database to manage their members, memberships and events, send email announcements and newsletters, start discussions, and more. You can even have completely different websites for each chapter with a single database of members.

Consistent (or differentiated) branding at a fraction of the cost

Save money and create a consistent look and feel across your organization with one website theme for all your chapters (instead of each chapter paying for and maintaining their own site). Alternatively allow each chapter to build their own unique brand at a fraction of the cost.

Manage members, events, communicate with members, association websites

Insight into the health of your association at your fingertips

With complete data and reporting in one system, parent organizations can generate a full range of detailed metrics and reporting by chapter or the whole organization. Chapters can run reports on their individual chapter. Learn how each chapter is performing with detailed reports showing revenue, retention rates, and more.

Simplify with SilkStart

Whether you have two chapters or two hundred, SilkStart helps you handle the unique needs of your multi-chapter organization. Give your staff better tools for reporting, communication, and management, give them SilkStart.

View members in multichapter organization

The parent administrators full data view includes chapter affiliation identification, making chapter based reporting and roll up easy.

Move between association chapters with ease as an administrator

Navigate easily from chapter to chapter

The parent administrator can easily flip through chapter views in the back-end admin panel of silkstart.

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